Valentine's Day

Need something sweet for your sweetie? Bennison's can help you make a good impression on this special day. We have cookies, cakes, petit fors, brownies, cupcakes and more all decorated in Valentine's colors. Try one of our cherry marzipan tarts, or take home a dozen chocolate-dipped strawberries, you're guranteed to make someone smile.

Chocolate Strawberry Macarons
Perfectly crisp, the almond macaron cookies hide a sweet surprise inside, with rich chocolate ganache and strawberry jam sandwiched between them. Each Chocolate Strawberry Macaron is $1.95.

Tea cookies
Our tea cookies are sure to make someone's day. A variety of shapes, decorated in pink, red and white for Valentine's day, tea cookies are $17.25 per pound. We also have them in a large heart box for $18.25, and a small heart for $6.99. Or pick up one of our decadent brownie hearts. Our classic chocolate fudge brownie, covered in pink chocolate and iced with gel hearts, each is $3.59.

Heart Mousse Cake
Heart Chocolate Leaf Torte
Our classic 8 inch Chocolate Leaf Torte with even more love. Two layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and wrapped in more chocolate, decorated with chocolate curls and heart-shaped macarons. $42.80.

Marzipan Fruit Tart
Two layers of sponge cake filled with strawberry buttercream, wrapped in chocolate-dipped marzipan then filled with glazed strawberries or cherries. $5.35 each.

Valentine's Ombre Heart Cake
Your choice of rich yellow or chocolate cake decorated with swirls of red and pink buttercream, an 8 inch Ombre Heart Cake is $25.95.

Chocolate Mousse Heart Torte
Layers of chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate mousse, then topped with pure whipped cream and chocolate shavings. 8 inch Chocolate Mousse Heart Tortes are $32.01.

Strawberry Shortcake Heart
Yellow shortcake covered with mountains of whipped cream and a pile of sweet strawberries, 8 inch Strawberry Shortcake Hearts are $28.53.

Petite Chocolate Praline Heart
A base of crunchy praline, then two layers of chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate mousse that we pour with chocolate ganache. Topped with a heart-shaped macaron and delicate white chocolate lace, each mini heart is $4.79 and they're available in the store every day.

Red Velvet Cake
The perfect cake in the perfect shape for a Valentine's Day dessert. An 8 inch heart made of our rich red velvet cake, covered with sweet cream cheese icing and decorated with either roses or red gel scrollwork for $34.67.

Valentine's Petit Fours
Soft yellow cake layered with with raspberry jam then coated in white chocolate, Bennison's petit fors are perfectly sweet for the holiday. Your choice of white with gel deco for $2.25 or heart-shaped with roses for $2.69 each.