St. Patrick's Day 2021

Need something green for March 17th? Bennison's has you covered. Shamrock cupcakes, clover cookies, green and gold cakes. You don't have to be lucky or Irish, you just have to walk into the store!

Shamrock Coffee Cake
For breakfast, why not try one of our Shamrock coffee cakes? Soft, buttery dough covered in streusel and green sugar, enough for the whole family. $9.50 each.

Shamrock Cupcakes
Our cupcakes are perfect for parties, and for times when a whole cake is too much. $1.77 each, available with yellow or chocolate cake.

Irish Potatoes
In the mood for something a little different? Try one of our Irish potatoes. Dense chocolate inside with walnuts, maraschino cherries and a splash of dark rum, wrapped in marzipan and then powdered with cocoa. $3.99 each.

Shamrock Cookies
If you want something a little lighter, pick up a few of our shamrock sugar cookies. Mini are $16.95 per pound (about 48 cookies), and large are $1.60 each.

Petit Fors
Our classic petit fors; layers of white cake and raspberry filling covered in white chocolate, decorated for the holiday with green shamrocks. $2.25 each.

Irish Whiskey Cake
A yellow pound cake filled with red and green glazed cherries, walnuts, white raisins, and chocolate chips. Once out of the oven we soak it with a generous helping of Jameson Irish Whiskey flavored syrup. $11.99 for a full ring cake.

Irish Soda Bread
For St. Patrick's Day this year, we've changed the recipe for our Irish Soda Bread to one shared with us by an artisan baker surnamed Fitzpatrick. We've blended organic rolled oats, organic whole wheat flour and organic cracked wheat to create the same flour used by another baker friend, James Griffin, who works at his family's bakery in Dublin. We add fresh buttermilk and golden molasses, then fill it with plump currants and a hint of caraway. If you visited us at the Andersonville Farmer's Market last summer, you might have seen this loaf previewed there. It's so good people actually came back for more, saying it was the first Irish Soda Bread they'd eaten because it tasted great, instead of just out of tradition. Each loaf is $7.49.Mail Order


Irish Batch Bread
A traditional soft, white loaf made with butter and honey, baked 16 to a sheet then pulled apart so you only get crust on top. Perfect for pulling apart to soak up stews or roasts, or just by itself with a little extra butter and honey. $3.69 per loaf.