St. Joseph's Day

St. Joseph's day dates back to the Middle Ages, where feasts were held to honor him. It is held every year on March 19th, celebrated in both the Catholic and Protestant churches. He is the patron saint of the Universal Church, of workers, and of families. The traditional feast lasts all day, with food being presented on altars to St. Joseph. Bennisons will have both St. Joseph's Bread and Zeppoli from March 14th until March 19th.

St. Joseph's Bread is a hearty loaf with a thick crust. The top is scored with a cross. Loaves are $4.51.

Zeppoli (or Zeppole in Italy) are traditional pastries served on St. Joseph's day.
They are made of sweet dough that is fried then split and filled with sweet ricotta cheese
and topped with a cherry, or filled with custard and topped with a glazed strawberry.
Both varieties are $2.69.