Authentic Bavarian Pretzels

Our Oktoberfest pretzels were such a hit, we decided to make them a year-round item. They're available by special order every day for $1.75.

After mixing the dough, it's loaded into our divider to be portioned into the correct weight. This is the last time anything mechanical will touch the dough, from here on everything is done by hand. The dough balls are taken two at a time and hand-rolled together into a small cylinder, then allowed to rest.

Next, each one is hand-rolled into a long thin strip, then with a quick flip and twist the classic pretzel shape is formed.

The pretzels are then dipped into a lye bath. We had both the dipping device and the lye we use to dip the pretzels in imported from Germany. A quick turn of the handle and the pretzels are coated and ready for salt.

Once coated in lye, each pretzel is hand-scored then sprinkled with a coarse salt, placed on baking mats and loaded into the oven.

Baked to a perfect reddish-brown, with a nice split exposing the dough inside, the pretzels are allowed to cool then hung on our pretzel tree in the store, where we hope you'll come in and take some home with you!