Passover 2021

This year, Passover begins on Saturday, March 27th and continues until Sunday, April 4th Bennison's has a variety of items that we hope you will include on your holiday table. Everything will be available starting
March 27th, up until April 4th. We ask that you order any Passover items you would like on these days at least 24 hours in advance, either by calling the store at 847-328-9434 or place an order on our shopify store.

Coconut Macaroons
Moist, chewy, and flour free. Our recipe originated in the Lower East Side of New York and arrived at Bennison's via an old seasoned baker many years ago.
Plain Coconut: 8oz for $8.99
Chocolate coconut: 8oz for $8.99
Chocolate covered: 10oz for $11.79

Honey Cake
Traditional holiday honey cake, lightly sweet and very moist. We sprinkle the top with sliced almonds before baking. Honey cake is sold as a whole one pound loaf in a tin for $9.49.

Almond Macarons
For our almond macarons, we start with a classic French formula of almonds, egg whites and sugar with a ganache filling. Close your eyes when you taste one and you can almost see the Eiffel Tower. Flour free, we have a large variety of flavors, each for $1.95.

Macaroon Sponge Cake
We first bake a square sponge cake, then border and top it with stripes of coconut macaroon mix. The spaces between the macaroon mix we fill with raspberry, apricot and pineapple jams. Then it's back into the oven for a quick bake to give the coconut macaroon its golden brown color. $12.82

Vanilla Sponge Cake: A lightly sweet sponge cake made with matzo meal and potato starch. A 14 ounce ring is $6.99

Flourless Chocolate Cake: The pride of our Passover Line. Dense, moist, delicious, and flour free After baking we ice our delectable chocolate layers with pure chocolate ganache for unmatchable flavor and appearance. Sold as a 6" cake for $20.89, or an 8" cake for $31.62

Banana Loaf: Banana loaf iced with our homemade fudge icing. This is by far the best kept secret on the Bennison's holiday menu. One pound loaves are $9.49

Florentines: A flour free confection, lace cookies made from almonds, butter, honey and sugar, baked until crisp. Cooled and dipped in chocolate coating. $21.00 per pound.

*****PLEASE NOTE*****
All of our Passover goods are Kosher only in appearance. We do not use any animal fats in any of our baked products, and they are made with matzo meal and potato starch.