Halloween 2021

Looking for some terrifyingly good treats for Halloween? Bennison's has you covered! We'll be fully stocked with special treats until October 31st. No tricks, we promise!

Pumpkin and Skull Cakes
Friendly or spooky, it's your choice! Made of either chocolate or yellow cake, with buttercream icing and chocolate shape faces, both will look great on your Halloween party table. Available in the store for $24.81 each.

Halloween Ombre Cakes
In 7 or 9 inch sizes, and chocolate or yellow cake, you'll find them ready to be picked up in the store. Pretty enough for a decoration but too tasty not to eat, 7 inch Ombre cakes are $31.81 and 9 inch Ombre cakes are $49.72.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Gallette
Our flaky pastry crust, filled with a layer of sweet cream cheese then layered with our famous pumpkin pie and topped with a delicate chocolate curl and pumpkin spice macaron. So decadent just a small slice is all you need. $16.95 and available in the store.

Mini Pumpkin Cream Cheese Galette
Just like the large size, but made to be kept all to yourself. Minis are $5.29 and available in the store.

Marzipan Poundcake
Skulls and Pumpkins

Our rich marble poundcake is at the center of this dessert. Topped with marzipan then dipped in chocolate and decorated for the season, they're $3.99 each.

Pumpkin Donuts
Only available from Labor Day to Christmas Day, known to cause fights when there's only one left on the shelf, our Pumpkin Cake Donuts will disappear as fast as we can put them in the store. $1.37 each.

Caramel Apple & Pumpkin Spice Macarons
Light and sweet with a satisfying crunch, these are our classic Parisienne macarons dressed up for the holiday. Sold individually for $1.85 and available all season long.

Ghost Cupcakes
Chocolate or yellow cake with buttercream icing, you'll definitely say "Boo!" when they're all gone. $1.77 each, we also have sprinkle cupcakes with plastic Halloween trinket decorations for $2.01.

Petit Fors
Raspberry filled white cake, dipped in white chocolate, then decorated with an edible sugar Halloween charm. Petit fors are $2.55 each.

Ghost and Pumpkin Cookies
Our classic butter cookie covered in white chocolate, with chocolate icing decoration. Cookies are $2.50 each.