Croissants, Donuts and Breakfast Pastries

Croissants: Championship winning, we make classic French butter croissants. We also fill them with either chocolate or almonds, and make a savory ham and Swiss cheese croissant, perfect for breakfast.

Donuts: A huge selection, from plain cake to decadent chocolate iced custard Bismarcks. We also feature a specialty donut each day of the week:

Monday: Lemon Poppy Cake
Tuesday: Cherry cake
Wednesday: Blueberry Cake
Thursday: Glazed pretzel donuts, sour cream donuts, maple bacon long johns
Friday: Glazed chocolate cake donuts, chocolate iced chocolate cake donuts, maple bacon long johns
Saturday: Maple bacon long johns, red velvet cake

Not in the mood for a donut? Why not try one of our freshly baked breakfast pastries instead!

Cinnamon Rolls: Like when you were a kid. Soft sweet dough filled with cinnamon and sugar, covered with warm icing.

Scones: A buttery dough filled with raisins, dates, apricots and cranberries, then topped with either a sugar glaze or raspberry jam.

Turnovers: Flaky pastry filled with cherries or apples, sprinkled with coarse sugar.

Muffins: Many varieties including blueberry, carrot raisin, zucchini, cranberry, pineapple, banana nut and bran.

Danish: Flaky dough filled with a variety of fruits, topped with a sugar glaze.

Bear Claw: A sweet almond pastry, covered in roasted almonds and sugar glaze.